Vic Firth Steve Gadd sticks

Vic Firth Steve Gadd Signature Drum Sticks

All hail The Gadd! Steve Gadd is no doubt one of the most talented and humble drummers of all time, and he continues to push boundaries. For those of us who would like to enter his world he teamed up with Vic Firth in the past to release signature drum sticks.

Steely Dan’s Man

The Vic Firth SSG has a barrel tip for excellent recording sound and is available with a wood or nylon tip. The nice black paint finish handles well and looks the part too. It’s made from hickory wood.

Steve Gadd


A relatively short stick, the Steve Gadd signatures are 15 ¾” / 40.01cm and has a diameter or .550” / 1.4cm.

In Flight

The SSG sticks are nicely balanced and quickly became out go-to stick for practicing on a practice pad. They feel great, and not being used to shorted sticks it’s surprising just how good these feel in the hand.

Vic Firth Steve Gadd SSG


Mr Gadd has done a great job here with Vic Firth. These sticks caught us off guard – they are a joy to play.


  • Very nicely balanced
  • Choice between wood and nylon tip
  • Nothing too similar from Vic Firth
  • We thing we sound ¼ as good as Steve when we use them!


  • We’re still not as good as Steve Gadd

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