PDP-chad-smith-snare drums

PDP Concept Series Chad Smith Review

Chad Smith needs no introduction to the world of drummers with his huge drumming and massive personality. His personality certainly comes through in his new venture with PDP Drums to create the PDP Concept Series Chad Smith signature.

Red Hot

The PDP Concept Series Chad Smith signature drums are acrylic and come in a 12”, 13” and 14” size. They are seamless acrylic snares and not as bright as acrylic drums have been. This results in a drum that’s loud, dry, and certainly cuts through in the mix.

PDP Chad Smith Snare

Because they are seamless it results in huge resonance and super sensitivity. To finish it off they include triple-flanged hoops and DW’s Dual Turret lugs and a MAG magnetic throw off.

PDP-chad-smith-snare drums

The Sound

When we played them we were impressed by the volume, responsiveness, and attack. These acrylic snare drums certainly have character and are lively. A touch of Moongel brings things under control nicely, but that’s not the idea behind these signature drums – they were made to sing.

PDP Chad Smith Acrylic

The Sizes

Choose between 6” x 14”, 6” x 12” and the glorious 7” x 13” that has depth and snap.


The PDP Concept Series Chad Smith snare drums will fit nicely as the main snare in your setup, but we’d recommend using it as a second snare for the extra tone and ring. These drums cut though the mix and have been beautifully crafted.


  • The resonance is delicious
  • They look great and well-made
  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • The price


  • Maybe not the only snare to have
  • Works well as a secondary snare

See more at http://www.pacificdrums.com/snaredrums/concept-ltd-signature-snares

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