sabian SBR ride 20

Sabian SBR Ride Review

Sabian makes cymbals for all levels of players – from the most advanced professional to the beginner. With the arrival of the new SBR range, Sabian have quite possibly the perfect entry level cymbal.

Hit Me

The Sabian SBR ride cymbal is available in an 18” and a 20” version. In this review we take a closer look at the 20” – it’s a bit more hefty and ‘ride like.’ These brass cymbals are bright with a focused sound. They are medium weight, so they are built to last and have enough depth to them.

sabian SBR ride 20

The Sound

The 20” SBR ride has a nice ping and sustain to it for a medium cymbal. The bell is particularly responsive and the vibrations more through the cymbal for a good sustain.


These SBR ride cymbals are unbeatable for the price. They have certainly been designed with the beginner in mind and for a first purchase we’d 100% recommend these. They aren’t too load so they’re not for use in loud rock concerts, however for lighter playing they come to live. For advanced drummers who need a second ride the Sabian SBR ride will fir in nicely too.


  • The price – unbelievable value for money
  • The bell is very responsive
  • Not too loud


  • None at this price

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