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Sonar SQ1 Snare Drum Review

Sonar are one of the oldest drum companies and they continue to develop modern products while staying to their true tradition. The Sonor SQ1 snare drum is a powerful addition to their already impressive arsenal.

Hit Me

The Sonar SQ1 snare drum is a European birch shell and has dimensions of 6.5” x 14”. They have included their DGS strainer and a Dunett quick-release lever. It’s available in Cruiser Blue, GT Black, Hot Rod Red and Roadster Green.

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The Sound

Birch drums have great lows and highs with not too much happening in the middle frequencies so it’s a clean sound. This SQ1 snare records beautifully and is easily controlled, but has enough resonance and punchy tone for a big sound. It has a wide tuning range and with a bit of muffling it can be super snappy.

Tell Me More

The TuneSafe lugs keep the tension rods in position and prevents them from loosening, and Sonor’s Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM) to allows drumheads to float freely on the shells. This delivers an unadulterated, pleasing tone at all tuning ranges.

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The Sonor SQ1 snare drum is a thing of beauty. The European birch shells suit its build and design perfectly. Simply put, it sounds delicious. For serious drummers the Sonor SQ1 snare is a must-have in your snare selection.


  • European birch sounds incredible
  • Attention to detail
  • Attractive colour finishes


  • The TuneSafe lugs are useful but can be annoying

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