Vic Firth VicWax

Vic Firth VICWAX review

Surfers have their own version, and now there’s something for drummers. Things can get sweaty on the stage or in the studio, and Vic Firth say that their VICWAX will solve the problem. We took their wax and put it to the test.

Hit Me

Vic Firth say that their drumstick was is 25% tackier than other waxes. Well, we can confirm, it’s sticky. Apply it to the stick, if you want it very sticky just put some more on. It’s also berry scented, which is a bit unusual.

Vic Firth VicWax


Vic Firth VICWAX does the job. It comes in a small compact container so can fit into any drum bag, and it’s sticky. We used it in a hot studio and tried it on stage at a festival, and can confirm that it’s sticky as hell – in a good way.


  • It’s certainly sticky
  • Low cost


  • Not sure why it needed to be scented

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