Meinl Mike Johnston Byzance Cymbal Box Set

Mike Johnston is a wonderful teacher and long-time Meinl user. Meinl, along with Johnston, have creates a cymbal set, and we take a look.

Hit Me

Mike Johnston has created his playing and his sound and he’s put together a cymbal set that’s responsive and full of character.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 4-piece cymbal pack that sounds beautiful on their own
  • Hammered into shape by artisans in Turkey
  • Extremely musical for solo or ensemble performance
  • 14″ Hi-hat Pair: Extra Dry hi hats have a full-bodied and distinctive chick sound.
  • 20″ extra-thin crash: Fast response that opens up immediately
  • 21″ signature Mike Johnston Transition Ride
  • Bonus 18″ extra-dry thin crash


The Sound

Johnston has chosen well. The combination of cymbals cuts through nicely in a rock mix and is warm enough for a larger jazz ensemble. It’s Mikes favourite cymbals from the Byzance range. The hats are extra dry and excellent for supporting grooves with a rich texture. The 18” crash has a slightly China tone with some trashiness. The 21” Signature Transition Ride has stick definition and opens up when hit harder and a clear bell. The 20” extra thin hammered crash is sharp and performs well as a cymbal for finishing off fills.

Tell Me More

The pack is great and rounded off nicely with the free 18” crash.



Meinl have made drumming life much easier for those looking to get new cymbals. These cymbals will perform well on stage and record exceptionally well too. Mike Johnston Cymbal Set is a great set to have.


  • A well-chosen mix of cymbals
  • Nicely vintage that works in modern drumming environments
  • Good value

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